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  • Hey everyone

    Long story short.My son had a killer drum set that I got him many years ago.Added to every birthday,and christmas. When he sold it,it was a really killer Tama Rockstar Custom 6-piece set.He went off to the Army,and now several years later he is wanting to play again.He found a Pearl Export series 5-piece set that is in immaculate condition.It also has an assortment of nothing fancy cymbals,and stands,but it has a DW double kick pedal (4000) series. He is asking me if $500 is a good deal. I told him to try to get it for $400,as he will have to replace all the cymbals(eventually),but that is just me.I usually post in Live Sound,and the Bass forums,but this is a drum issue,and your help(opinions)would be very helpful, Thank-You !

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    Depending on where you're located and what the availability is like, I'd say between $400 and $500 is good. The DW double pedal is definitely a selling point.

    Thank you to your son for serving!
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      Thats kinda what I thought.He is in the panhandle of Florida now.If the drums were kinda ****************ty I would say NOOO! But he has been around pretty high quality stuff his whole life,and if he says immaculate,then these are like new.I will pass on your thanks!


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        $500 is decent for a full kit. I'm guessing the cymbals to be at least B8's or zbt's? If they are cheaper than those, I'd certainly offer less.


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          500 is fine, but I would offer 3 or 350 first and expect to pay 4
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            Thanx guys. I'm thinking it will do to get him back into playing,and I'm seeing a Ziljian A series cymbal pack in his future from good ole dad!