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    Every friday night {7/8pmish to midnight}there is a open to the public jam session in downtown Palo Alto, that I frequent. It allows me to stretch out a bit past the confines of my decidely studio/producer/composer mentality.
    Corner of University and Emerson @ the Pizza My Heart plaza, in case you are wondering. Some goodtimes to be had, especially if you know how to play one or many things...
    A dozen or so small portable amps make up the backline/soundstage,we have a drumkit, plenty of guitars, a keyboard {cheap} and bass. Bring it if you got it and intend to use it.
    {PS:anything bigger than a 2x12 is pretty much total overkill, please dress accordingly}.We could really use an accomplished keyboardist/synthethist who could bring a decent board.
    Saturday nights are sometimes happening too, albeit a bit more exclusive in attendance/participation. Check your local listings...
    I've played with quite a few PHD level musicians up there, so bring your own gear, and have no fear for The Radman will be there!
    Also I hear tell of similiar shenanigans/situation @ Murphy's Law in downtown Sunnyvale, {on Murphy Street} on monday nights. Call 'em to confirm if you please....

    Wish I could check those out ... as an observer of course. Coyote used to post here. He's got equipment, Manouvre also dabbles in keys. No actual pianists here I don't think and like myself unavailable in Ca regardless. lol.

    Post some clips pls.
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      I used to do them when I was playin out regularly...on a dark night. It's a bitch for me cause ya'll set up backwards...
      The Southpaw is rising again!
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        I have been to a lot of these. I dig it. When I travel on business I always find one in the local town to go to. It is a great way to hang with some musicians and to learn to play nice with others. Being able to play with people you've never played with before without hours and hours and hours of rehearsal is a skill all musicians should have. Open jams are a good way to hone this skill. I learned a lot about playing the blues both on drums and keyboard from going to these.

        To those who say they are a wast of time and "amateur hour", I'd say that not all jams are created equal. I've been to some really good ones and not so good ones. I've also seen and played with some really good musicians at these things.

        Go to the Hole in the Wall in Dallas hosted by Hash Brown and tell me that's amateur hour and a waste of time.

        If you don't want to have to sit around all night and maybe not even get to play, the best thing to do is get there early and sign up. If you can be the first or second drummer on the list that helps. If you waltz in at 10:30 or 11, good luck.
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          Anything for you, Danny Boy!

          Well I'll be damned
          "If you can't play the blues...you might as well hang it up." - Dexter Gordon


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            I think there is an online presence, google Sue Webb's Blue Diamond Jam {perhaps as Susan}
            you're bound to find some ****************e on UTube or Facebook
            Please do come out and check us out there are some pretty original things going on sometimes....and we having a blast....

            Thanks. Always looking to hear 'regular' people who can play. As far as getting out your way, I make it to CA once every 10, 15 yrs lol. I think Boomboom drums back ^ < there plays some jazz keys and he does travel.
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              Well I'll be damned

              I see two pointy thing receptor interface stations. No wabbit.
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                I went to a jam night about 3 months ago. The ages were between 18 and mid-20s, with myself (27) being the oldest. Definitely just didn't do it for me. I left after about 30 minutes. Drum kit was total junk, couldn't hear anything. Maybe I've just become spoiled with a quality kit and IEMs...
                No, that's not normal. What's the mixer?

                It's the behringer...

                Found the problem.