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  • Rush-Time Machine

    Anybody see this video yet? I saw it on tv, and its a really great show. Rush is playing with a renewed vigor it seems.
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    Anybody see this video yet? I saw it on tv, and its a really great show. Rush is playing with a renewed vigor it seems.

    Yep, really enjoyed it. They are more popular than ever, and still sell out every show, and their playing has gotten smoother with time.
    They're a hell of a lot better than some household name bands that have been around longer.
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      I figure I'll skip the video. It will only corrupt the image in my head of my experience watching the show live from this vantage point:

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        caught the show in pittsburgh. first of the tour, i believe. it was great!
        i miss you, mark
        r.i.p. rudy


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          Saw the first show when they started the tour in '10......was expecting to see some rustyness or otherwise hear a gaff or misstep...........not one in the whole show that I could hear; even GLee's voice was up to the task. Most impressive after all these years.
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