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    has anyone used ultimate support fusion or rock edition drum cases for toms that has i.s.s pearl floating mounts is their enough room or a tight fit. 10x8,12x9,13x10.

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    Most bags have a bit of give built into them, but not all. A basic Google search should help you out --hope you find a good fit! I use the Roadrunner bags and everything is copasetic with Yamaha YESS mounts.
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      Never used that brand.....I have TKO unlined bags, they have plenty of room, and my good kit I use Tuxedo bags and they will fit in those also but a little tight.
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        I own bags from Wolfpack; Humes & Berg; and Protection Racket. None of them were specifically purchased as oversized; all of them fit the toms including the optimount.
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          I've got the gator bags for my toms. I use a 13" bag for my 12" tom with RIMS mount. Fits perfect for me. I wouldn't want to attempt to squeeze mine into a 12" bag.
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