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$9k kit with $1k shipping


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  • $9k kit with $1k shipping

    I mean... Recording customs are nice, but... maybe put down the bath salts, eh?


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    Might sell for that there.......quality gear is almost non existant in those countrys.........he might not be that far off on shipping it overseas either. We recently went on vacation, met a girl from another country. Our bass player was going to send her a t-shirt until he found out it was going to cost $49 to ship it there......stuff is unreal.
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      I was guessing that it was in another country based on the price and the sellers english.


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        It is a POWER recording custom and the special snare was made in Japan on demand!
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          I'm kind of curious to watch that auction and see what happens. Great kit and cymbals, but the reality is that the seller is in Istanbul. Who knows what shipping and that kit goes for over there?

          But yeah, I'm sure they've got their version of Craig's List nutjobs, too.
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            MADE IN JAPAN
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              It may be a tad overpriced. It is some of the top-of-the-line gear tho.

              I just purchased a RC new for around $2300 - but that without a snare and without two extra toms.

              I didnt calculate it out, but if you bought all that stuff new - including the rack and pedals etc etc it could be close to that cost. Still, the kit is overpriced. He may have jacked it up so he can come down a little during negotiation.
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                Whoa...damn I just noticed it was in Turkey... That explains some of it.