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Drum Mic OH Suggestions for a 4 mic set up..


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  • Drum Mic OH Suggestions for a 4 mic set up..

    Hey drum folks! Sneaking over here from the guitar forums to get some insight from you all.

    I'm looking for a pair of decent over head mics for my recording set up. Right now im looking at a 4 mic Glyn Johns/Recorderman type set up for some basic demo and soundtrack work. I've only just started recording drums after a few years of recording only guitars for my demo work so my plan is to start out with a 4 mic set up and eventually upgrade and grow from there.

    right now i've got an sm57 on the snare and an akg d112 for the kick drum. Now i need 2 decent OH (side and above the snare) mics for the rest of set up. I've read countless suggestions but am kind of lost.

    Im recording mostly indie rock type drums and want something with a nice open sound. Clean and really huge sounding. (dont know if i could get anymore cliche with that). Looking at about a 300$ish New budget for each mic but don't mind spending a little more depending on quality.

    any suggestions? BTW im posting this in a few other forums, but thought i would get everyones take on the situation.

    thanks! Also crossposted in the recording section.
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    You will be hard pressed to do better than this in your budget. Don't let the low price fool you.

    For cripe's sake, somebody buy that kid a freaking DICTIONARY already!


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      Wow, those are really affordable. I've heard that a large condenser works better for the glyn johns application though. I might have to pick up that set just to play around with though. Thanks!

      anyone else out there on a cold sunday night?
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        just curious, where in pgh are you? i'm just south of.
        i miss you, mark
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          Always good to see another burgh friend on the forums. I'm from just north of the city. The north hills area.
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          • race81
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            If budgets an issue.....id purchase something that could be used other places besides overheads.  SM 57's make a decent overhead for recording.  They are very directional so Placement is everything.  But at least when your done with em, you can use them other places for other things to recoup your expense.