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  • Addictive drummer

    So I tried addictive drummer, 

    One of the other VST drum plug ins, I must say, I like it better. Except the hats. That is the weak link with AD. 

    I especially like that I can load my favorite snare.. Acrolite.. 



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    what's not to like with that snare!
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      Price, quality, tone, and blattttt!! It's does it for me.... Really happy I can load it, and even tune it with AD. Can't tune them with SD... 

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    Yeah...Rail from Platinum Samples mentioned it in their forum, and repeated it here...




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    It's a shame too because there is a youtube clip of someone A/B ing Evil drums on both programs and it's pretty much identical. 

    And yeah for home recording there is just no comparison anymore.  I know acoustic drummers won't want to hear this but the simple fact is for the average "home studio" drummer who wants to record there is no way to get the same quality of sound and options with a real kit without spending mega mega money to basically create a proffessional studio in your house. 

    It took me a long time of humming and hawing over making the switch to edrums when I moved to a situation where I couldn't have real drums.  I was stuck in my closed minded "they can't be as good as real drums" mentality.  I wasted so much time because I didn't trust the tecnology.  Turns out that for what I wanted (home recording) it had already far exceeded what I could have done with an acoustic kit, the budget I had, and the space I record in.  And it's only getting better.


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    yeah that's probably one of the last ones availible.  Anyone wanting one for superior would be smart to jump on that. 


    As for BFD I'm not sure what their plans are, as they don't ever comment on new releases...but BFD2 is getting a little long in the tooth.  It may be more worth it to wait for "BFD3" when ever that comes around.   Hopefully it won't be too much longer as I'm excited to see how much better it can get.