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'American Drums' reality TV show coming?


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  • 'American Drums' reality TV show coming?


    I'm torn! I hate reality TV and drama, but I love the idea of watching a TV show about drums...


    Rikki Rockett, drummer of multiplatinum rock band POISON, is out to prove that "drums do come true" on his new reality show, "American Drums".

    For nearly a decade, Rockett has been building custom drum kits for clients ranging from modern-day legends of rock, to future rockers-in-training. He and his rag tag gang of misfit staffers at Rockett Drum Works not only create some of the most jaw-dropping ultra-custom kits in the world, but are the only drum-kit makers who can boast 100% American-made product.

    On "American Drums", Rockett gives viewers an all-access pass into the gritty world of rock and roll craftsmen

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    Might be a good watch for the novelty. I miss the Orange County Choppers show though .

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    • FitchFY
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      1001gear wrote:

      Might be a good watch for the novelty. I miss the Orange County Choppers show though .

      I was thinking that - it sounds like that show only with drums. So... maybe?

    • danrothmusic
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      Yeah, it reminds me of Orange County Choppers, too. I really really hate reality TV though, even if it is about drums.

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    Keller shells?


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      Wait a minute.... Wasn't this the company that had a bad employee that was taking orders/deposits and then not doing anything. I thought that the company was something like "chop shop" drums or something like that. Or am I confusing Rockett with another horable glam drummer? They are/where all pretty much the same she-male looking thing.


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        There is already a TV show like this. It is called Drum Heads on Halogen. Not sure about the network, but I have it on Fios. They follow SJC Drums.


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          Well, I sure hope he builds drums better than he plays them...........................:manwink:

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            Good one, cracked mr right up.