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Hi Everyone!! I've made the jump!

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  • Hi Everyone!! I've made the jump!

    My first post on the new forum!   So far is okay! They didn't save my cat avatar!! And they are too small on here!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

    "As in drug rehab? or derhh, I crashes muh motorcycle rehab??" (Cross Eyed Mary) *** One of the founding members of The Geezer Guild***

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    Don't worry. Dendy says they are working on making the avatars bigger. It's probably gonna take a little while. Glad you made it!

    Good playing can hide a crappy drumset, but even the best drumset can't hide crappy playing.

    Have no fear of perfection. You'll never reach it.- Salvador Dali

    Some of the best players that I know really can't play the drums well, but they play music superlatively well. - Jim Chapin


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      glad your in oz with us

      great googley moogley- Frank ZappaMissing the CHEESE And MarkoHit it!__________if you can't spot the crazy one on the bus, it's probably you..............Cdawg________Good Sellers/Marko46,lossforgain x2


      • danrothmusic
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        I registered for this forum back in high school--I haven't used that e-mail address in years!


        In other news, our problem of having waaaay too many stickies is now solved.

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      The jump to the new forum will take some getting used to but it's way better than the **bleep** we left behind. I hope that all of the regulars make it back.



      • RumStik
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        Drumstix101 wrote:

        I hope that all of the regulars make it back.

        Perhaps some ir-reglars as well...


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      All is **bleep**. But at least its here...

      -Merlin Coryell-
      City - Metal from Portland, OR
      Mapex Drums; Zildjian & Sabian cymbals
      Axis &; Gibraltar Hardware, Evans & Remo Heads
      Alesis DM10; ProMark sticks
      ESP Guitars, Line6 Stuffs &; Junk

      In Requiem - Marko46


      • Merlin Coryell
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        Wait it filtered **bleep**? What if my proper name was Richard but I went by the shortened nickname?

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      where's whathisname?  you know, that one guy?

      I used to have a handle on life, but I gotta jiggle it every now and then.


      • 1001gear
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        Who Carmine? Moonlighting.


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      Cool! Another family member has returned!

      "If you can't SAY something with your instrument, try sellin' cars."-
      The late, great Tony Williams
      — Sonor Designer Maple shell (heavy) 8 pc. for studio
      — Premier Genista 7 pc. for live gigs
      — Tama Silverstar "Metro" 4pc. for certain live gigs.
      — Paiste, Bosphorus and Sabian cymbals, depending on what I'm doin'.
      — Small collection of assorted snare drums to suit my mood.


      • lossforgain
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        Ha! I have been meaning to see what was going on over here for awhile. I've been far more active at DFO ( but we're down for a server upgrade over there. Gotta get my fix somehow y'know.

        Last time I checked over here I was listing something for sale but it seemed like it wasn't worthwhile because of the low amount of traffic. How long has it been this way?