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need a stand idea for sampler (swing arm on a cymbal stand?)


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  • need a stand idea for sampler (swing arm on a cymbal stand?)

    Hi, I'm asking here because the solution has to do with drum gear, also, I'm not a newbie my account is unlogable !


    I use an mpc1000 live with my band, I sing and play keyboards and so does the other member.

    When I'm not singing, I'm using the MPC to start sequences, make beats and a few samples here and there while playing keyboards, when I am singing, it's the opposite, the other person is playing the MPC, so we share the same MPC and we both play keyboards, but to have the MPC at a comfortable level and angle is difficult because we need to move it, and with the keyboard stand legs and microphone stands, there's no room for an MPC stand on wheels like a mixer stand.

    I've figured that if I have the MPC on a small table attached to something like that :


    I could use a cymbal stand and a clamp and have it rotate in position, but to really make it comfortable, I'd need a clamp that has some kind of swing arm system. I devised a picture which shows what I have in mind.

    It would have to be able to swing from position 1 to position 2.

    Any idea how I could get that result ? 



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    It just swings over right? Do you need the articulated arm? You might be able to adapt a lamp or small TV arm. (?)

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      any examples of this come to mind ? are these things solid ? I mean, it's meant to be banged on a little bit more than say a keyboard.