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How to tune toms when mic

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  • How to tune toms when mic

    i have a PDP all maple fusion set. i am trying to figure out what heads i should use for my toms because my kit is all mic and if my toms r not tuned right u hear all the different tones from each lug or head. i heard g2's and g1's go great with each other but they have alot of sustain. i use a drum dial to get the perfect pitch from each lug and head so is there any suggestions to what type of heads i should use or how to tune my heads or where to place the mics on my heads. thanks

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    To me, and this is a very general observation, most tuning trouble comes when drummers who have weak chops tune tune for bounce. That, boppers withstanding or not - I don't care, is way too high for toms. Tune low and for maximum boom and then adjust for coherence or whatever the gig requires.

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      i actually do tune my heads low cause i like the lows. but alot of people tell me to tune them high cause they have a hard time hearing my toms. i play at my church and im caged and mic with compressions etc. my chops are pretty good,i have been playing drumset for about 6 years and snare for about 2-3 years now. ive been self taught on drumset i play anywhere from lincoln brewster to hillsong and couple of others. i honestly care more about the tone and the sound then the tension of the heads. i was told to tune my res heads lower then my bater heads. but i disagree with that. thanks guys. 

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    Gotta agree in principal with 1001.

    I tune my toms low in a live setting. The engineer had me tune them even lower in the studio. Almost to the point of flappy.

    Or try a lower-pitch head like the Onyx or Chrome or Hydro (gasp!) to lower the pitch without loosening tension.

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      What would go best for Evans g2s clear on a maple set?


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        solomen5 wrote:
        What would go best for Evans g2s clear on a maple set?

        Want to say that again with a bit more coherence? Not sure what you're asking...