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Choosing hi-hat cymbal pairs for student + ?

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  • Choosing hi-hat cymbal pairs for student + ?

    I'm a drum newbie who decided to learn how to do decent basic work rather than use a drum machine. I'm building a student practice kit. The stands I'm purchasing for durability. Started with a Pearl 900 series to hold my Vic Firth practice pad. This will later be replace by a real snare because the long-term goal is to record my own drum track for a demo CD I'm working on. Anyway step #2 is a hi-hat. Probably get another Pearl stand but bewildered by the choices in cymbal pairs. Is there a recommendation for someone like me who's going to learn on them first, then record them. They don't have to be world class, but they definitely have to be not-horrible. My style is alt-rock. Any tips?

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    14" Zildjian Newbeats

    Some end up using them all their lives. Might as well start with some.

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      Depending on the brand, you have a few solid options. Alt-rock is a pretty basic sound for most hi-hats, so I'd scope around on:

      14" Zildjian New Beats

      14" Zildjian A Customs

      14" Sabian AAX Stage hats

      14" Sabian HHX Evolution hats

      If you want to toss out your price range, it will certainly help. A word of experience when it comes to drums: buy once and cry once. If you stick with it, you'll want great hi-hats, which hits around $200 used. Instead of buying some cheap Zildjians or Sabians for $120, just make the investment from the start and never replace them.

      Good luck and welcome to drumming! Hang around this forum - there's lots of great and helpful advice!