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  • Show how you roll.

    Here's how I roll.

    Got a Rock N Roller R8 cart last week. Just in time for my Saturday night gig. I can now moverything in one trip. A little pricey, but still worth every penny when you consider the time saved. Not to mention the toll my back was taking lugging all the stuff by hand.

     photo 001-1_zps494f8c49.jpg(Thanks 1001)
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    Nice! I just lug everything by hand. I have a small kit, though, so it's not too bad; if I need to I can do it in 3 trips.
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      I have changed all my cymbal stand bottoms to double braced snare stand bottoms, which I run down to almost flat bottom stand fashion.

      The amount of space and weight savings is significant. All my stand bottoms now fit in a small 1.5foot by 1 foot case and are easy to tote around. The rational for this was thinking about all my idol drummers from the 50's and 60's that played small single braced flat bottom stands, and I never once saw anyone knock over a stand (unless done so on purpose - Kieth Moon!). 

      So, this has worked out quite well for me.



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        I use a hardwood shelf (18" x 36") and mounted swivel casters on it. Glued carpeting on it. The shelf is strong enough for me to stand on without deflecting AT ALL.  Best part is: it takes very little space in the car! Hardware case has it's own wheels.

        I'd post pictures, but it's just too darned complicated.