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Watch me on TV this Monday

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  • Watch me on TV this Monday

    This Monday (Feb. 11) I'll be performing with Street Drum Corps on Cartoon Network.

    We are playing on the Hall of Game awards, hosted by Shaquille O'Neal & Nick Cannon.
    It's going to be packed with celebrities from Sports, Music, Film & TV. Should be fun!

    Airs at 7/6 C.


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    Nice gig Nick. I'll check it out.

    Plus I just can't get enough Nick Cannon in my life.

    R.I.P. Marko46 -- You are missed.

    My 1988 Pearl MX Monster

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    You can't pick someone else's pedal anymore than you can dictate his scrotum wrinkle.


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      Our performance is near the beginning of the show.

      I'll be up front with a set of "quads" made out of buckets and an LA Kings jersey on.