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Blowout on Yamaha Rock Tour kits


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  • Blowout on Yamaha Rock Tour kits

    Musician's Fiend is blowing out 3 piece (12/16/22) kits in the red burst textured mahogany for $399. Add a used Acrolite and you could have a great gigging or backup kit for under 5 bills. Seems like a good deal, lots of great reviews out there for these drums. I've only tapped on them but if I needed a set for this role I'd seriously consider picking one up.

    MF link

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    Whoa...uhh... and my tax refund was for a lot more than I expected... ummm... I may have to buy that this weekend. Oh God. Why did you post this?!? WHY?!?!?

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      thanks, MF whore, lol. spammer.

      in seriousness, i still have the cheap "power-v" yamaha kit, from, like, twenty or so years ago. it sounds decent, for what it is. the hardware was good, too. wonder what wood differences they were/are? either way, i'd not hesitate to jump on this deal.

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    its really awesum friends