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What are your biggest challenges when you sit down to learn something on the drums?


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  • What are your biggest challenges when you sit down to learn something on the drums?

    How would your life be different if you could overcome them?


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    having enough time

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      Sounds silly, but my biggest challenge is getting practice time without one of my three kids needing to interrupt me for something. I love spending time with them but I need to carve out time to practice too.

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    Being able to stand back up again...............:manlol:

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      Patience and perseverence...not worrying about how I have to get the technique the second I do it. I'm Gershaltist...I break down the problem into small parts and solve the smaller parts to hopefully accomplish the larger issue. Sometimes I feel like I'm running out of time and need to work quicker. But then again I finally come to the realization of WTF, I'm 57 years old- I'm doing this for my own gratification and not trying to get into Carnegie Hall...relax and have fun with it!