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Got a Roland TD-4K2 set Today!!!


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  • Got a Roland TD-4K2 set Today!!!

    Hello!  After going back and forth with me playing my  muffled Stage Custom set with blasticks or rods at 8 or 9 in the evening along with my CD's and my wife saying it was still too loud and that I should play during the day. I tore my set down seeing that then it would be too early or something else would come up. So this morning she called a truce and said that we were going to get an e-set Today! I have had my eye on this set at the small local music store. It was their last set in this model in stock so we got $50 off, which made it $1,016.45 with tax and out the door.

    Been playing around this afternoon and I LOVE IT! had to go and get a cable to go from my stereo to the Roland brain input so now I can play all night to my CDs!! Getting ready to go and check through the manual about how to set all the sounds. So if I don't get back on here for awhile, you'll know why.

    I think I did okay?? Either way I would have spent the same if I had to drive an hour to Jacksonville or Gainesville Florida or had to pay shipping if I had to order it. I welcome any and all advice since this is my first E-kit. Having fun so far and it works great for the practicing at home and playing late.  Here is a link to the kit I got. 


    PS: It also helped that she got the $1K mattress that she wanted earlier this week. :-)

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    Congrats on the new toy!

    The one piece of advice I can give you is to clean ALL the connections often, for best triggering performance. Not much you can do about the multi-pin connector at the back of the unit, but you can clean all the plugs and jacks at the pad end. Use a good contact cleaner, and a q-tip for each jack (on the pads themselves). If you get a flashlight and look into the jack, you'll see the contacts. Once you're familiar with the position of the contacts, cleaning gets faster. Use contact cleaner and a paper towel for the plugs. When I was gigging with my V-drums exclusively, I would clean the contacts before each gig.


    Here's an idea for a snare that worked great for me: Find the Piccolo snare and assign. Drop the pitch by about 5, increase the decay a little bit, and assign a tiny bit of reverb. I was using a TD-6 brain, and this gave me a great response for ghost notes, plus a nice, thick sound when struck full on. Your mileage may vary, since your 'brain' is about 8 years newer than the one I used!


    Have fun!

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      cool!  Lot's of great features on ekits that make them very useful.  Sometimes it takes a while to get them tweaked to your own liking in terms of response and feel....but once you get it dialed in you should be fine.

      And at some point you might want to consider triggering software to get even more realistic sounds.  

      Congratulations on the new kit and enjoy!