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Drum lessons in San Diego?


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  • Drum lessons in San Diego?

    I will be working in University City/La Jolla and live in Santee. Does anyone here teach in that area or know anyone who does?
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    I've got a friend who teaches...I'll get a link to his myspace page....

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      You can always visit the 5-Star Drum Shops website. Check the list of pro drum shops in your area, call them, ask about instructors. I'm sure they will be able to recommend a few.

      There's also a number of websites that have a database of drum instructors, organized by region: www.drumteachersnetwork.com

      There's also ...

      Many others ... just do some searching on Google.
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        I know of spencerkimlessons.com, is it mainly the La Jolla area that you're looking for drum lessons in san diego?