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    Man this electronic kit has opened a whole new practice world for me. I'm back up again practign about 2 hours a night, but in a more cool way! The module has about 100 sequenced 8-16-and 24 bar patterns to play with in all kinds of different styles. I find a pattern I like (like a moderate funk pattern) and then take one of my old drum books out (right now it's Mel Bay's "Drummers Cookbook", and play each of those patterns to the tune playing on the module. One particular pattern is 24 bars long and I have set a goal to play each of these book exercises for the entire length of the sequenced pattern. And believe you me, it aint easy making it through with no mistakes. If I make a mistake, I do it all over again. If I get thru, I go on to the next exercise. The pattern fits right to the exercises, the sequencer is in perfect time, and I have to make each pattern feel as good as I can. Makes for quite an endruance run all in all. 

    And it also helps my teaching because I'm using this particular book with a couple of students now. Really helps me eliminate embarassing flubs while demonstrating. "Fusion" this would be right up your alley!

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    Very cool Carmine

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      That's good stuff. I've been doing this to CD tracks for some time except I improvise the drills. Lately I've been going for as tight as possible. Instant for instant perfect on the hits etc. Med tempo and slower of course is the toughest as are long notes - quarters, halves, and wholes. As usual most of the issues are physical and latency ( plus and minus ) is traceable to subtle variances in position, grip, stick angle/vectors etc. These issues can then be sorted and dealt with specifically and with better results than simply flying on talent.



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    Awesome Carm!

    I have done similar things with a series of CD's that have music tracks, without drums. I used to like to use Jim Chapin's second book, "The Open End", which is absolutely unlimited in what you can come up with, and jam to those tracks.

    Good stuff!

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      Right on, Carm.

      For a long time, I've been jonesing for an e-kit. Someday, I'll be able to afford one...some day...