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  • Broken Gear......=.....New Gear

    After our past gig this past saturday, while tearing down, I reaching in my kick drum and my sm91 came out, but in two pieces......png" alt=":smileysad:" title="Smiley Sad" />.....I couldnt get to upset because the thing has done roadwork with me for almost the past 20 years.  After a few days deciding what new option to take.....I have on the way a new shure beta91a, and a Kelly Shu Flat to mount it internally.  Going to install a connector in my kick, that will involve drilling a hole in it for the connection.  Not to crazy about that but, for ease of setup and reliability...I have to realise its just a kit.  If anyone has any tips on such setups...pass them on to me ..I would love to hear them.......Knowledge is power!!

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    This int knowledge - just a brite idea. You can put a dime/nickel/quarter size hole in the batter head that shoudn't adversely affect the tone. A rubber grommet should prevent tearing.

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      I have installed internal mics in every drum, on my Premier kit, with XLR connectors drilled through the shell.

      Assuming your shells are wood, just make sure you drill the holes using a good Forstner bit. The bits aren't cheap, but well worth the investment.

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        Does someone make a curved xlr jack for a rounded shell???  Or is it a short enough space its not a problem??  I got the wood bits covered,  my father in-law builds cabinets all the time.