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  • Some of you might be interested in this...

    Leaves Russell just finished our first full length album. I have to say I'm quite proud of it. We took our time playing with different instruments and finding a great sound. I played a bunch of different stuff. Odd percussion pieces, overdubbed multiple snares. I played glockenspiel on a few tracks, and even got to throw down a little guitar, which is funny if you've ever listened to the band before.

    Anyway, for those wanting to put it in your ears, go to leavesrussell.com click on "Music" then "We Chose The Devil Red" You can click on each track and it'll take you to a player that should autimatically stream it for ya.


    Also, to any northwesterners still left on the forum, we're playing our album release party this Saturday at Doug Fir. I'd love to see some of you folks.

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    Congrats on the completion Grem!! Im jealous...never spent time in a studio so to speak.
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       Hey Grem. I just finished listening to the first cut and have to say I like it.

      Wish you the best of luck!

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    I hate you and your music, why would I ever want to be near it?


    I just hope you drum better than you bass...  :woman:


    Sad to say I cant make DougFir, stupid busy prepping for our show the 15th with some band called Commonly Courteous.

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      Sorry it won't play for you, Deedub. You're the second person I know to have issues with the player. Perhaps it's time to update our website!
      I'm glad the rest of you dig it though, except Merlin.

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    Now that's really interesting. Your first? Well done! Bandcamp worked for me via iPhone.


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      Thanks guys.
      It's our first full-length album. We've done an EP and a couple singles too. Feel free to stream them too from bandcamp!

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    Freaking awesome!! Way to go!! I really like "Please Don't" and "Reasonably Extraordinary" the best. Great drums, piano, singing, bass and so on. Wish the snare had a little more "crack" to it on some songs and a few songs sound alike, BUT the production and musicianship is spot on! Do you offer the album in CD form??

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      Thanks a lot for the high praise guys. Means a lot to me.
      There are a few things I would've preferred to be mixed a little different, but I wasn't there for a lot of that process. We had a lot of money put into only a couple days at a high-end studio in Portland for mixing. We thought it would help along the process if only one of us were in there working with the engineer. Our bassist, Isaac, takes producer credit on the album.
      The crack of the snare is one of my Shoulda/coulda/woulda's on the album too, but you can read about my issue in the other thread I just posted about repairing drums.

      all in all, I am VERY happy with the outcome of this album, and our progress as a band. I can't wait to get out and play these songs some more. And, we're already starting work on our next LP!