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Keeping your drums from moving

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  • Keeping your drums from moving

    SO i need somehting to keep my drums in place, but I dont want to spend a lot of money. I have a carpet now, but it still moves around a lot. ANy suggestions?
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    use velcro on pedal boards. on your bass drums use the spikes in the legs. if that dosent work... hopefully someone else will post something useful


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      You could use board(s) as a template. Holes for the spurs,
      seat legs etc.
      Another thing that works to a degree is simply tying your
      bass drum to your seat.

      If you have five years to kill, you could just buy the new
      Setup-Locs (available spring 2011)
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        you can use duct tape.. it fixes alot of other stuff it can probly fix this
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          Here's something you can do, and it's absolutely FREE!

          Don't play so loud.

          Tell the rest of your band to grow up and tone it down.

          But seriously, perhaps the front of your bass drum is too low, so that it is resting on the lugs rather than the spurs. Or, if you don't have them already, change your legs to ones that have spikes on the tips. Third option, there are attachments that go on the front rim of your bass drum that have mini legs with spikes that help keep your drum from moving. Fourth option, some company makes a carpet that has a bass drum stop at the front of the carpet.

          Or, maybe you just play too hard. Lighten up on the pedal and use a mic if you need that much volume.

          Barring that, tying the bass drum to your throne (as mentioned above) is a good brute force method.

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            I used to have moving drum syndrome many years ago. I don't have it anymore. Oddly enough, I hit much harder now than I did then.

            Previous posters have nailed it: Carpet, front of bassdrum resting on legs (spikes if needed) rather than lugs. And yeah, if you velcro your pedals to the carpet nothing will move.

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              Originally posted by 1001gear
              Another thing that works to a degree is simply tying your
              bass drum to your seat.

              I played a show with a band where the drummer had a chain that attached to his throne and wrapped around his whole kit to keep everything in place.
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                You can tape a piece of rope to the carpet. Make a small "u" shaped bend on the rope and tape or fix it somehow right in front of your bass drum legs. It'll work as a barrier and the drumkit won't move.
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                  You could get a fat mate to sit against your bass drum!

                  Seriously, happened to me at an outdoor festival where the shared kit wasn't on a carpet or anything.

                  So given the way I play (very heavy hitting) and the fact the bass drum was resting on a wooden stage, the bass drum was going all over the place with each stroke.

                  My fat mate noticed, came over and sat against it for the 30 min set we did.

                  Tell ya one thing, bass drum didn't move an inch!
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                    These things are cool.
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                      I'm having this problem too. Drums move all over the place when I play.

                      I'm thinking back, and it all started right after I was playing a festival gig and loaned my rug to the tech for the act that went on after us.

                      Dude swore up and down he'd call me the next day and get my rug back to me. Gave me his card, and everything.

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                        Isn't it amazing how flaky some folks will be over something as small as a piece of carpet? Like the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.

                        Hopefully, that tech fell down and broke his leg or something after that gig.

                        Good playing can hide a crappy drumset, but even the best drumset can't hide crappy playing.

                        Have no fear of perfection. You'll never reach it.- Salvador Dali

                        Some of the best players that I know really can't play the drums well, but they play music superlatively well. - Jim Chapin


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                          www.kbrakes.com is the best new drum anchor on the market that actually works!!!  

                          Go check it out and watch the video and see how it works, super easy, light weight, it just works - NO MORE SLIDING KICK DRUM!!!!


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                          Three words to Google: "rubber floor tiles"

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                            Can you operate a rug,no moving parts,? It works for 1000's of drummers

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                          Just go to any place that sells large rubber mats. My dads ole ladies son is an iron worker and while on a job that had those big industrial sized rolls of rubber, he cut me a piece big enough for my big kit and gave it to me free of charge. It works better than anything I have ever used before.
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