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Right now: how many sets and which one is #1?

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  • Right now: how many sets and which one is #1?

    So I haven't been around for a little while. How many sets do you have, and which one is your favorite/go-to/main set?

    I currently have 3.5 sets and one on order...let me explain.

    Main: Slingerland Studio Kings - yes they are still my #1 set! Love these green gems. I have 20/12/14 and two matching snares.

    Kids' and student (lessons) kit: Groove Percussion 16/10/13

    House kit at church: Ludwig (modern reissue) Club Date 22/13/16

    Project in the works: Ludwig 3 ply (more to come about those) - this is my ".5" set because I still need a drum to complete it, and every drum needs some work.

    On order: Gretsch USA Custom 22/12/16 - I'm assuming this will become the new main kit but we'll see how they stand up to the may be a tie!

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    Just one set so far,but it is my go to set! I've been collecting cymbals and snare drums and slowly buying a PA..

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      well, i have a jellybean rogers kit, late 60's powertones, 13, 15 and 16, and a 24 and 20 bds. only using the 20" right now. when using the 24, i drop the 13" tom and just use the 15 up, 16 down. i use my 12x7 premier snare always. but i do have a steel yamaha 14x5 i use with other kits and as a back-up.
      also have a yamaha power v- 12, 13, 16, 22, i sometimes use as a back-up kit.
      i still have my first kit, a cb kit 12, 13, 16, 22 that i'm currently adapting for my boy.
      just recently unloaded my gretsch mod kit, since i really didn't need it anymore.
      i miss you, mark
      r.i.p. rudy


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        Just the one kit, and it's my go to by default.

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      Currently 2.5 kits...

      Live kit: Yamaha Rock Tour (new 2011)

      Studio kit: Yahama Recording Custom (late 80's early 90's)

      3rd Kit is a home project. I'm currently building a kit for DJ/Club gigs.
      (Don't want some drunk chick spilling a drink on my nice gear)
      So far I have a 13" tom and 22" kick done. Working on the Snare now and need to find a Floor tom next.

      And I guess if you count my gig with Street Drum Corps, well then I have 3 more "trash kits" too.
      I have enough for us to do a 3 man stage show stored at my place. We use it when we are too lazy or unavailable to run to the storage locker in Burbank, lol.



      • #5're probably going to consider this cheating but because I trigger software I've probably got about 30 kits at the moment.


        My favorite at the moment is an 80's Gretsch Natural Blonde Maple kit, with an Ayotte snare. 



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          soundcreation wrote:

're probably going to consider this cheating but because I trigger software I've probably got about 30 kits at the moment.


          My favorite at the moment is an 80's Gretsch Natural Blonde Maple kit, with an Ayotte snare. 


          Not cheating. Definitely more compact than 30 actual sets.

          Four kits; since quitting my band (boo-hoo) three of the four are on racks in storage.  The only one setup is the Pearl Sessions; so I guess that makes it #1 -- all maple 10x12; 14x14; 16x16; 18x22 with the 8x14 Vinnie Paul signature snare. A mix of Paiste 2002 and Zildjian A.


          Pearl Sessions


          The storage kits include my two Pearl MX kits and my SMX including all their cymbals and hardware.

          Yeah, my basement looks like Sam's Hot Drum Store.

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        The same 3 in my signature. Number one for studio=Sonor ; number one for gigs=Premier. That may change though, as I have been wanting to get a new gigging kit to replace the Premiers for quite some time now. I've decided 'what brand/size/color', just haven't decided when.

        "If you can't SAY something with your instrument, try sellin' cars."-
        The late, great Tony Williams
        — Sonor Designer Maple shell (heavy) 8 pc. for studio
        — Premier Genista 7 pc. for live gigs
        — Tama Silverstar "Metro" 4pc. for certain live gigs.
        — Paiste, Bosphorus and Sabian cymbals, depending on what I'm doin'.
        — Small collection of assorted snare drums to suit my mood.


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          Still at two sets here.
          I've got my gold sparkle Keller kit that does everything for me. Live and studio.
          And I've got my dad's old frankenkit built out of a bunch of random shells. It's difficult to say it's mine anymore though. My dad's the one who pieced it together, and it currently lives at my brother's house. I don't have much to do with it anymore.


          Of course, where's the fun without pics?

           photo 295272_10150843108486528_1333839412_n_zpscb0c7193.  jpg

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          fusionfunk, I'd love to know what you've decided on to replace those Genistas! Such great drums.

          Gremmy, what happened to that black sparkle kit you recovered, is that the frankenkit?

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        I currently have 3 kits. Soon to be 2 as I'm selling my Premier kit

        #1 - Mapex Saturn in galaxy burst 10, 12, 14, 20 matching 5 1/2 x 14 snare
        #2 - Sonor Jungle kit dark blue lacquer 10 rack, 13 floor, non matching 14 ludwig rocker floor, 16 kick
        #3 - Premier Signia Marquis in natural maple 12, 16, 22 (Currently for sale)
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          How do you post a picture in this new format? I've tried linking to photo bucket & I can't get the image to show up, just the link.