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  • Problems Posting?

    Is anyone else having trouble posting on stuff? I have had three comments just disappear as if I never left them on a topic.
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    <br />
    Sabian Xs20<br />
    -14&quot; Hats<br />
    -14&quot; Crash<br />
    -16&quot; Crash<br />
    -18&quot; Crash<br />
    -20&quot; Ride<br />
    -10&quot; Splash<br />
    <br />
    Zildjan<br />
    -80's New Beat Hats<br />
    -16&quot; Medium Ride<br />
    <br />
    Paiste<br />
    -10&quot; Splash<br />
    <br />
    China<br />
    -16&quot;China<br />
    <br />
    End the socialist regime and may WE THE PEOPLE take back our Country!!!</div>

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    No. I have not seen a problem at all.




    • race81
      race81 commented
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      no sir....no problems on this end.....png" alt=":smileylol:" title="Smiley LOL" />

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    If you leave the thread and come back, does it show up? After you post, there is a little box that says something like "Success! Click here to see post."
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     Mods can tamper with threads at will - not yet here but that's standard. What might be happening is you're not actually posting and just closing the window. ?

    Originally posted by Unconfigured Static HTML Widget...
    <div class="signaturecontainer">
    <div class="bbcode_container">
    <div class="bbcode_quote">
    <div class="quote_container">
    <div class="bbcode_quote_container"></div>

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                                    Hey, this thing remembers indentations. whoopee ...