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Rest in peace, Robert Zildjian - founder of Sabian


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  • Rest in peace, Robert Zildjian - founder of Sabian

    We lost a huge part of the drumming community this week - Robert "RZ" Zildjian passed away, 89 years young, founder of Sabian Cymbals. Despite the family fall-out that led to RZ founding Sabian, I always thought the two businesses ran a class act amongst one another without a smear campaign.

    RZ's dedication to innovation was a huge element to the Sabian brand, one that drew me to them and still has me playing them. Like me, the company is approaching 32 years old this year and I hope RZ updates the Great Gig In the Sky when he gets there, sharing some new plates with whoever's rocking that kit!



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    Amen Brother Man - RIP


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      When I worked retail back in the early 80's we were one of the first stores to acquire and support Sabian during their "I Switched" campaign (one of the most brilliant campains ever!)

      I forged a friend ship with Bob and his family. Andy Z is one of my dear friends. I just cannot believe that "RZ" is gone. Such a great mentor and a super story of honoring his children when he started Sabian.


      Rest my friend ...



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    RIP Mr. Zildjian.


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      Rest in peace, Mr. Z.

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