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Drumhead question for the chemistry lovers.


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  • Drumhead question for the chemistry lovers.

    2 of my current 4 groups have been hounding me for custom kick drum heads. Nothing too fancy, but not realizing that even the simple designs can cost $70-80 to make per head, and even DIY heads will cost me about 60-80 for the pair plus all the work/time.


    Then it came to me: What about using smooth white heads, and applying Electric/vinyl tape and/or dry erase markers to create silly/show specific art for the kick heads.

    Question is, will the dry erase wipe clean either dry, or with windex or acetone, or will it bleed into the film; and the chemicals eat through the head prematurely? Anyone else try something similar or have other easy DIY custom head methods?


    I have an experiment on a cheap ass head that came on my Pulse Piccolo snare. It was coated, but where the coating has rubbed off and there is a smooth white surface, I marked in red (one of the easiest staining colors). Each day I go back I plan to wipe off another letter, and see after several days what is left and what will or wont come off with acetone or something.

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    I think you're on the right path by experimenting. But 2 things come to mind
    1. is the head you're using with the worn off coating the same as what a clear head would be? Since it had a coating on it is there a residue left behind that would affect the dry erase ink?

    2. I wouldn't use the acetone on the mylar head since it would probably damage the head. I'd use either windex or just white vinegar - cheaper than windex and works great.
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      Acetone will certainly affect the head, though probably not visually too much. Really though, something alcohol-based should do it; dry-erase ink is actually a bunch of little plastic pellets in an alcohol solution.

      Good idea trying to experiment first. I don't think the fact that your cheap head was formerly coated will have that much of an impact.

      I hope it works out for you, that's a great idea.