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  • Time to stop drumming

     I'm 62, hearing is about gone, don't practice much anymore, and I've got this big ole drumset just sitting around in the basement. Wife and I want to go to Europe this summer, daughter in college, and when I think of the drums I only wonder what I might get for it if I sell it off. Should I sell it as a set or sell it piece by piece? It's big, I should get at least 3000-3500 for it if I piece it out. The Jenco Orchestra chimes alone would do pretty well, plus all the rototoms I have, 17 cymbals. What do you guys think? No one wants to hear melodic drumming anyway..

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    I still say try writing.

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    Write Something, or Drag and Drop Images Here...


    • race81
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      If you can still set your butt down and at least one of your arms it.  Its good therapy.  Even with hearing gone and can still feel it.  If you sold the stuff, you be back on here in 10-12 months kickin yourself.

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    You're great at what you do, music is good for your soul, and even though your hearing is not as good as it once was............SO WHAT!

    I say play until the Good Lord decides otherwise!

    Besides, all of us here love your arrangements, and love your creativity. 

    Keep rollin' Brother!

    "If you can't SAY something with your instrument, try sellin' cars."-
    The late, great Tony Williams
    — Sonor Designer Maple shell (heavy) 8 pc. for studio
    — Premier Genista 7 pc. for live gigs
    — Tama Silverstar "Metro" 4pc. for certain live gigs.
    — Paiste, Bosphorus and Sabian cymbals, depending on what I'm doin'.
    — Small collection of assorted snare drums to suit my mood.


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      4th annual..

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    I'm not falling for his crap this year.

    R.I.P. Marko46 -- You are missed.

    My 1988 Pearl MX Monster

    Originally Posted by RumStik

    You can't pick someone else's pedal anymore than you can dictate his scrotum wrinkle.


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      Nice to hear from old friends!



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    Fooled me once Jim


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      I don't personally know you Jim, but that is one fine drumset you have on your hands! Drums are an investment that lasts a lifetime in more ways then we realize. My pops was a life long musician and played until he was needed elswhere and I plan on doing the same thing man. My vote would be for you to keep your drums. Once you sell them and then  the money you get for them is gone, they're gone. Besides, getting you a pair of ear plugs is a heck of a lot cheaper then money spent to visit Europe! Best of luck


      • Rudolf von Hagenwil
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        ^^ exactly


        and Europe is total boring... believe me, I live there since many many years