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Good link(s) to free drum play-along backing tracks?


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  • Good link(s) to free drum play-along backing tracks?

    As a guitarist there are terrific websites for free backingtracks. I can't seem to find thesame for drums (songs without the drums to play along).


    Do some of you kow of any I could check out?



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    For fun or learning? I use smooth jazz - drums and all. It's simply paced, covers the heart of the pop music range, and can be had well crafted if you need credibility. I don't dupe the parts per se but instead try to integrate, be it fills, grooves, solos, and what not. Good for melodic/harmonic/form drills too.

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      There are several user created YouTube tracks. Just search for drumless track. Some are really good, some are just horrible. They do their best to take out the drum audio without messing up the other tracks, but what Ive noticed is that the vocals seem to suffer the most, losing a lot of volume to get the drums out for whatever reason.


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    Here you can download over 30,000 songs.



    Choose the section: CUSTOM ACCOMPANIMENT TRACK.

    Before you download, mute the drums in the mixer.