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  • Percusus,

    Hurry up and register. Your drums are here.



     photo BigDrums_zps5485ab60.jpg
    Originally posted by Unconfigured Static HTML Widget...

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    Gotta love a kit where you can drop a stick and not worry about it actually hitting the floor.
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    • 1001gear
      1001gear commented
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      Looks to be configured for zero G. They might just hang there and not hit anything.

    • rayboomboom
      rayboomboom commented
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      Not just drop but toss, sling or anything else.

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    That lighting truss must be a bitch to truck around gig to gig, get it into your house, studio, semi truck.

    And how long to your arms need to be to hit the suspended drums from the seated position?  :cat:


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      Tuning Day must just suck.

      Originally posted by marko46:"Thoose 70's Avedis sound no where like poop. I've heard poop, not even similar."Originally posted by marko46:"I've seen some **************** on here, read some **************** on here, even been a part of some **************** on here, but that's some **************** there."Originally posted by Buddy Rich:"Be on time, wear a clean shirt, and swing your ass off."


      • SYMBOLIC
        SYMBOLIC commented
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        That'd be tuning week.

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      I'm sure this guy plays real music.


      1001gear wrote:

       photo BigDrums_zps5485ab60.jpg