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DW 5000 Double Pedal problem?


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  • DW 5000 Double Pedal problem?

    I got a used pair of DW 5000's off ebay for a good price, and so far I love them. They work perfectly apart from one problem. The left pedal has a sort of "delay" I guess? I can't line the beater up with the right one at all, and the pedal itself doesn't really have much of a rebound. I want to get it as similar as my right as possible. 

    If needed, I will post a video on YT showing the problem itself specifically. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue. Thanks!

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    You likely wont get nearly the rebound on a slave, unless you use a harder beater and pretty tight tension. Otherwise, you will always have a bit of a slapping feel to the slave IMO. That shouldnt translate to any "delay" feel though, and you should be able to align beaters at rest and dial in the same pedalboard motion for each to make contact. Even if the slave never feels just like the main, if you are compitent on double bass, and you cannot get the same speed and power from each pedal, then I would say there is a setting out of whack.

    If you have videos, that would certainly help see where the issue might be. Spring tention, pedalboard height vs. beater angle would be my first two guesses.

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      I would also check the universal joints in the slave linkage.  When those go you get a bunch of lag in the slave pedal.