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  • My TD-12 Examples

    Hey guys...been buried in work, playing and electronics land. Thought you all might like to hear a few things I've been up to. The first is a halftime groove in 4 I came up with based on the Purdie thing, but this one is straight ahead. This is laid down all at once...I have a hihat assigned to one tom head and a cowbell assigned to the rim of the same. It gives me a nice rocking motion between the two. This drum setup I'm using on funk tunes and pop stuff.


    The next example is with my full rock kit which I am using most of the time. Allk of these are pla-a-longs ond the module.


    I'll have about 12 kits in all to use on a daily basis. I have one for ballads that has a great rim click and another for all latin Santana-ish stuff that has congas, timbales and vibraslaps and other toys...This has turned out to be quite fun!

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    Pretty cool. Good sounds, very steady too. Cymbals on the second clip are typically fake sounding but the playing's good.

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      I'm looking forward to checking these out!

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    Very nice! I just got a TD-4-2K about the same time as when you got your e-set. It's a TD-4 brain with a mesh snare with the seperate bass and rack like a TD-9! While my playing is no where near yours and my e-kit is just a basic kit, it has opened up doors for me! Once again I can now practice late into the night and I'm not so afraid to hit things in fear of being too loud! Plus like you said, I have quite a few different kits to use. The TD settings are crude compared to the higher modules but the "vintage" sets sound like the Otis Redding songs, the "Heavy" set reminds me of the old AC/DC or Foriegner sets, and so on. Good to hear from you as well and hope things are going well for you!  Take Care! 

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      Very nice!


      i have a td-9 that I expanded a bit with an additional crash and replaced the pdx-8 snare with a pdx-100. I then put the pdx-8 to the tom 2 position and move that tom (pdx

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