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Let's try this again.. New Drum Hauler!


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  • Let's try this again.. New Drum Hauler!

    I had to cut my (huge) losses on the Blazer I bought last fall. I just couldn't win with that bitch, and lost a lot of cash on it.

    Here we are again. Something with a little less... alright, no style. But better gas mileage and this one has a fully functioning engine!

    I just got so much more sexy. Who wants to touch me?


     1990 Toyota Corolla station wagon!

     photo 563570_10151625050751528_1535887759_n_zpsbe729b95.  jpg

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    running car wins!

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    • danrothmusic
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      What do you mean less style? Station wagons are awesome!

      Then again, I'm known for not being very stylish, so...

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    I'd say running is better than non running anyday! Besides Toyota wagon is more Oregon hippy, Earth friendly anyway. :cathappy:  And a place to haul drums and a place for sammich making GF to ride along too AND it's better on gas??? Money should be for buying more drum gear, not car parts! ;-)   For real, it looks nice and is no dents or such! Shaggin Wagon!

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    • Gremson
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      Well, sandwich making girlfriend doesn't make sandwiches anymore. She's trying her luck as a free-lance photographer. Plus the Toyota is covered in little dents.
      But I am happy to have a little car that gets good gas mileage. Last four cars I've owned had big 6 cylinder engines. This'll be a nice change.