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Used Ludwig Element set... Only $7000!


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  • Used Ludwig Element set... Only $7000!


    What am I missing here? $7k for a mid level kit and entry level cymbals?

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    Can't you read?



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      Actually I think it was Zyglians? Seems that dad bought his son that was in a band or getting ready to start college a drumset and then something happened??  Because someone thought that just because they special ordered (NOT Custom) the set with extra hardware with a double bass pedal and cymbals that it's worth extra??? They think that because it "hasn't been played" that it's worth what he paid for it and that like real estate, it's actually accrued more value.

      That or someone thinks they are a shrewd dealer? "Marblized Birch over a Poplar core"??? WTF?? Someone has been reading too much marketing literature! They see the name Ludwig and think they're all 3ply 60's sets or John Bonham sets with Black Beauty snares, which is the equivalent of assuming that all Chevys are just like Corvettes.

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        Yeah, Zyglians. Those are the good ones.

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        Also, Orange Park is suburb of Jacksonville, Florida.