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22" or 20" bass drum

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  • 22" or 20" bass drum

    Hello everyone.  This is my first post here.  Need some advice on a new kit I'm looking to purchase for my kids.  I have the option of getting a Pearl Vision Birch 5 piece kit.  Jet black with black hardware is the preferance.  The one with the 22" bass drum is $200 cheaper than the one with the 20" bass drum.  Personally my preferance is for a 20" because I assume it is less noisy (the kids will play in an area where they may disturb people), I have read a 20" is more focussed and easier to play and finally because the toms will be easier to reach for the shorter of the two boys.  The mounted toms on both kits are 10x8 and 12x9.  Would love to know what everyone thinks is the way to go and if the $200 difference is worth it.  Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    A 20" bass will be just as loud as a 22" bass. If you're worried about noise, I suggest restricting what time of day your sons play. I've been living in apartments for many years and have never had a noise complaint; I never play later than 8 pm or earlier than 11 am. Also consider mutes; I've found that mutes made of neoprene are best. They reduce the volume, but it still feels like you're playing drums, instead of pillows!

    A 20" bass will have more "punch" to the sound than a 22" (in general), but I don't know if that neccesarily makes it any easier or harder to play. The toms will be a bit farther away on the larger bass. Again, that might not amount to being any better or worse--just different. Also keep in mind that boys grow quickly, so it really may not matter!

    It would be best if your sons could actually play on both kits and see which is better for them.

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      The 20" kick drum may also be easier as far as reach goes for your kids, depending on height and age, but for a $200 difference, I'd stick to the 22".

      Sonically, I find you can tightent up a 22" kick to give it a "boppier" sound easier than you can loosen up a 20" kick to give it that bottom thud.

      In that your kids are new to drums, who knows what styles they may go after? I've found a 22" kick to just have a bit more versatility, but that's more in a live aspect. In the studio, you can make a cardboard box sound like a cannon...

      Anywho, welcome to the forum and thanks for suppoting the next generation of drummers!

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    I dont think the "reach" factor is really that big a deal 2" is nothing. I grew up learning on my father's kit, and he had a 24" with 13 and 14" toms over the kick! It really doesnt take you any time to learn to hit them no matter where they are.

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      The advice on kick drums from the other guys is solid.


      I just wanted to say that it's a terrific thing that you're willing to buy a drumset for your kids and a pretty nice set at that.

      Drums are loud. That's the nature of the beast. Do your best to set realistic practice times and be sensitive to your neighbors, but when the opportunity arises, let the kids play loud and proud!  It's no fun playing when someone's always bitching about it being too loud.

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    Neither will really be quieter than the other. Definitely not a good criterion when choosing drum sizes. Mainly because all drums are loud. That's not a bad thing.

    I personally love 20" kicks. My favorite size would be a 20x16. You can still get plenty of low end out of them and also a great amount of tightness tonthe sound. It's all preference though
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