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  • Stacking cymbals

    Over the past few years, I've seen many, many drummers stacking cymbals. Splashes on chinas, crashes on crashes, etc... we're not talking a few inches apart to save on stands, I'm talking the sound of stacked cymbals.

    Who here does it, and with what? I've been fooling around with the concept lately and have had both successes and failures. I have a healthy collection of old and cracked cymbals, and my favorite so far has been a 17" crash on top of an 18" crash. Just washy enough, but more of an employed accent sound.

    Though I've heard many stacked sounds (especially from Mike Portnoy), I'm not sure what I'd want to go with. What do you guys use, and in what genre/ capacity?

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    i've never really stacked the bigger ones, but i used to stack two splashes and tighten them down. sounded a lot like a closed hi-hat, so i used that to my right as a "spare." controlling the nut on it would open it some for more wash.
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      I has rack, dozen plus clamps, 4 rack booms and numerous cymbal stand parts. I've used the booms and a fifth straight holder but that's already puplediculous. Stacking looks and often plays retarded to me.

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        I have to say that I have never tried stacking. I have the fear that the contact points between the two cymbals would act as wear point due to the friction between the two pies.

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      I have done this a lot over the years - mostly influenced by Terry Bozzio - when I first heard "Destination Unknown" I was like "what the heck is that???"  That particular sound sounds perfect to me as far as stacked cymbals. 


      My first one was my ol Paiste 18 Novo China with a some kind of 16 Paiste crash cymbal.  Next was the Paiste Visions cymbals that Terry had and developed.  I just copied what he had - the two big ones he had out in front of him.  Fast forward a lot of years - I switched to Zildjian and I stacked a 14 Wuhan china and a 12 A Custom splash. Nowadays I play Sabian and have one of those 12/14 Max Stax.

      To be totally honest - I hardly use them on gigs at all.  For the type of music I play/played, there hasnt been a ton of applications for that sound.  It's like a special effect and just to have it on my kit and lug it around doesn't always fit into the scheme of things.  I am constantly trying to minimize my set up the best possible.  BUT....I do love the sound.

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