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20" ride Rivits?


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  • 20" ride Rivits?

    I just picked up a Paiste 2002  ride.    I like the cymbal as a hvy crash, but..... its just a hair too gongy.   I like it and want to keep it so I was wondering if I put some rivits into it, if that would kill the gong maybe but not kill the overall crash.



    fyi;   I use 2 20" rude heavy rides, aTwenty ride as a crash (great!) and alpha 18 crashes.  Normally play a mix of thrash metal and tech/speed metal. 

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    I don't think rivits would fix the gonginess.  I think that's more due to the thickness (and I think the shape of the bow?) of the cymbal.  You could try some tape/moon gel/whatever stays put to dampen it.  Try putting it towards the bell and it may kill the gonginess.


    I use two rides too (22" AAX Metal rides).  Are you a Gene Hoglan fan?


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      Love Gene, Nick..etc.   I throw alot of it on my stuff


      If the ride was just a hair thinner it would be perfect.