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  • Been away A while.....

    Hey Guys:


    Well, its been a while! Good to see some familiar names still in the forums....Kinda lost track of things the last little while, but I'm going to try and be a regular GG member as much as schedule permits...This has been a banner Summer band and Music wise for my band, Gypsy, along with some other side projects . We played at the local bandshell for the Arts In The Park about a week ago and finally remembered to bring a video camera along....so, yeah, the guy bashing away on the kit  on stage is yours truly....these clips are a couple of originals taken from my bands' CD, called ' Now Playing'.......

    This one is called ' Picks On The Keys'...



    This one is called ' As She Dances'......




    I'll be poking round on some of the things I've been missing, like Carm finally getting his electronics, etc....so I'll be talkin with you guys soon....





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    Very cool and very solid!!! great musicians and everyone seems pretty tight. Can we suggest anything?? With all due respect, the only thing I see is both songs sounding almost alike. Do you have any different type songs?? Some slower songs where the lead vocals are bit different?? Does anyone else in the band sing? just to have some variation in the songs?? Please don't get me wrong, it's really killer stuff, just that if the 3rd song sounds like the first two songs here, It might be time for me to go get a beer. So says the guy (me) practicing at home with no band..... LOL :smiley-music017:

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      Welcome back to the fold, man! And NICE solid playing on those clips!
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