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Thinking about getting back into drums - need soundproofing input

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  • Thinking about getting back into drums - need soundproofing input

    I made a crude diagram of the layout. Try not to laugh too hard.

    I'm thinking of putting the drum set in the Large Room (outlined in red) in the corner next to the bathroom. Should I hang drapes around the drum set and above the set? Or should I hang stuff up on the wall?

    Directly below the Large Room is the garage. To the right of the garage is the common kitchen area with tile floors. The ceiling height of the Large Room is ~8',8". Directly below my room is the main kitchen area tha's open to the second floor.






    I thought about simply making some sort of cheap, light frame to hang these on and enclose the drum set.


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    Do not confuse sound-proofing with acoustic treatment.


    If you are truly trying to soundproof (as in, you play drums and the people in the next room don't go deaf), you'll need to make significant structural changes to your room.  

    Perhaps you can describe what your goals are.  Are you trying to keep your practice volume down?  Are you trying to kill harsh highs and room modes? Are you trying to record drums and get separation from other instruments?

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      It'll just be for practice, no recording or anything. I just want to minmize the sound that people in the downstairs kitchen area and the room adjacent to mine will hear. I'm also wondering how loud it would be with no sound abatement measures taken, i.e. with just shutting the door to the Large Room, the door to my room, and the door at the bottom of the stairs.