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    Ive been wanting to get up and running on some IEM's for a long time.  Not only for hearing protection, but also to hear what I want on stage.  We had a gig last night, and the band setup under a small 20x20 pavillion that had a metal roof.  Every note frim the bass player lead to a vibrating roof and loud rattle noises that were driving me crazy.  I was setup a sp2 as a monitor and its usually great,  but too much surrounding noise in close proximity to me was mudding it all up.  The sp2 had vocals, lead guitar and a small amount of kick in it.  After the first set....I was so fed up with the sound I broke out the IEM's I had setup earlier this year, removed my monitor line and plugged into my personal monitor amp, and dug out the "test" IEM's I had purchased months ago.  I bought a set of JVC earbuds, that were supposed to have extended bass.  I was happily pleased with the results with no major adjustments and an on the fly move.  I also noticed that my voice wasnt hurting when we got done at the end of the night.  I tend to sing loud....guessin its a by product of trying to hear yourself with so many distraction(noise) on stage.  The JVC's did a decent job for the $30 I spent on them....next up will be some custom molds.  While on the IEM's I felt more free to play around on the kit if that makes sense.....I could concentrate more on what I was doing while taking out some of the other stuff that was going on.  Still undecided on brand I will buy, although, I think Im looking for a triple drive with one stereo, and two lows.  The only thing I lost was the feel of my toms.....but I remembered they were not in my monitor mix at all last night. .....might help huh!  We have a private party outside gig this sat....gonna play around with it a little more and see what kinda mix I can get outa these cheapo ear buds.  If any of you guys use anything different or have any adjusting hints, throw me a bone....!

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    If you're going to go the IEM route then really consider a buttkicker with it. I use the Shure 425 model with universal fit tips and think they're great. I also use a $10 pair of earbuds for mowing the lawn and kind of wonder if the dual drivers are really that much better for a bar band drummer considering the cost. With the buttkicker and the ears, I get the same exact sound and feel regardless of the room. Outside, a deck or a club, it's ALWAYS the same and I can control how loud it all is. I get a aux send from the board and run it from the snake into a cheapo Nady 6 channel mixer. Works great. I'm certain their are WAY better rigs being used by these guys on the board, but i just don't have that kind of money.



    • race81
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      Im hoping that I dont need a buttkicker......with quality IEM's I should be able to hear everything. Im assuming your using the 6 channel mixer to mix on the fly?? In the group I play with now, we run sound from stage, (small time we are) and Im always within a few feet of my personal aux channel for adjusting. Im told the triple drivers with the two loww drivers are unreal.....but its just what Ive heard, never tried any yet.

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    If you want deep bass you'll need to have deep ear molds made. I have Westone triple driver units, one custom deep molded and one with foamies. Big difference in deep bass
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    • Merlin Coryell
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      I also have the Westone UM3x RCs. Perfect for wide range of drumming IEM applications. I dont have the custom molds yet myself, but have had great luck with the rubber ear pieces. However its important to point out that I use a Behringer 5ch mini mixer, so I can boost lows as needed anyway.

      Love the hell out of these Westones though, cannot reccomend them enough if you cant afford the $500+ IEMs out there.