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Snare wire - chord/string grooves or not?

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  • Snare wire - chord/string grooves or not?

    I have my stock 2005 Mapex Pro M snare wires on my 14/5.5 snare.  I removed the plastic strap thing and am using nylon string, and I didn't think much about it but always thought it sounded better.  Less plasticky.  


    Fast forward to now, I have a Black Panther Sledgehammer on the way and am DEFinitel gonna try some 16 strand snares.

    Does anyone have or want to form (minutely precise topic here) an opinion on how the groove for the chord or string affects the sound?

    Didn't traditional snares use gut for wire that ran all the way accross the bottom?  Won't no groove promote the snares to not press into the head especially since I will be using chord instead of ribbon?

    Lastly, I have VERY little tension on my snares, generally.  Thanks for any opinions on this subject

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    The chord may EQ away from pristine white noise but hey it's a drum and with loose snares even moreso. The standard tip here is use grosgrain ribbon instead.

    Snares that extend beyond the edges can be had. Several mfggers market this type of deal, the most common of which I believe is the Ludwig Super Sensitive line. Also aftermarket frames that support and tension standard snares independently of the strainer system are available. Rogers - now OOB had a proprietary deal of that type they called Dyna-Sonic.

    You can try DrumForum.org for the consensus on this stuff.

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      Thenabi wrote:

      Does anyone have or want to form (minutely precise topic here) an opinion on how the groove for the chord or string affects the sound?



      By "grove for the chord" are you referring to the snare beds?  If so, those greatly affect the sound of your drum. If so, that plays a huge part in the sound of the drum and how the snares react when the drum is hit. 


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      • Thenabi
        Thenabi commented
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        Actually no I was referring to on the snare wires, the plate that they're soldered to.  Grooves for the chord.


        And I was wondering about traditional snares - if they were gut instead of wire and if anyone has tried that.