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Can someone identify this drum kit from above?


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  • Can someone identify this drum kit from above?

    I've been listening to people playing Arican rhythm on "modern" kits and came across this video of Kevin O'Sullivan. Been trying to pick out what drums he put together in his kit. But the camera is directly above. From listening, it sounds like maybe a snare and several different toms; that's a close as I can get. Someone with better ears/eyes?

    Kevind O'Sullivan - Circle Atsia

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    Ya, snare, toms. Snare pull thrown.

    Looks like an 8, 12 & 14. Gussing 18 or 20 on the kick. Not going to attempt the cowbell size or hat model or what mics he recorded it with.


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      Well, I was close but didn't trust my newbie knowledge. Thanks for fleshing that out!

      Pull thrown? I'll have to Google that.