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  • Catching up.

    Haven't been around in a while. I've been doing studio tracks for my life long best friend, who also happens to be the best (and my favorite) guitarist I've ever worked with. He has a working original band, and they are all good players, except, you guessed it, the drummer. I would join them, which they would welcome, but they are 4 hours away in another state, so I'm doing the tracks for their CD, so they have a formidable product to offer, much to the chagrin of their current drummer. Oh well, that's the music biz.

    I'll keep you all posted.


    "If you can't SAY something with your instrument, try sellin' cars."-
    The late, great Tony Williams
    — Sonor Designer Maple shell (heavy) 8 pc. for studio
    — Premier Genista 7 pc. for live gigs
    — Tama Silverstar "Metro" 4pc. for certain live gigs.
    — Paiste, Bosphorus and Sabian cymbals, depending on what I'm doin'.
    — Small collection of assorted snare drums to suit my mood.

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    Sounds like a gig you can sink your teeth into. Post clips if you can.

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