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Does MF always drag their feet on special orders?


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  • Does MF always drag their feet on special orders?

    Ive been in the process of PLACING my order for my new Mapex shellpack from Musicians Friend for about a week and a half now, and they still havent actually contacted me to take payment info, theyve just sent me the same emails over and over and when I call they say they should be in contact with me any minute now.

    If it werent for my reliance on their 18mo 0% interest on my account right now, I would have been down at the 5star making this order. Nothing comes free I guess...

    Anyone ever do special/custom order through MF?

    -Merlin Coryell-
    City - Metal from Portland, OR
    Mapex Drums; Zildjian & Sabian cymbals
    Axis &; Gibraltar Hardware, Evans & Remo Heads
    Alesis DM10; ProMark sticks
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    In Requiem - Marko46

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    Well they're supposed to be broke so they may be stalling till after NAMM where they can wheel and deal most effectively. ?

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      Course having postulated that you'll prolly get a shipping notice in a few days.