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  • Help with a drum kit

    Hey Im looking for a drum kit that's decent. I would t mind buying new, used is preferable. I'm trying to stay under 500. Any suggestions? I want to buy a whole set with hardware but if there's a better way I'm all ears. I'm in rochester NY so if there's any places or listings on Craigslist It would be appreciated as I personally don't know much of the technical stuff about drums. Any help would be great

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    This gets asked a lot on here over the years. New? something "Decent"?? And we're going to go very basic new and around as cheap as we can go? Ready? For drums only, we're looking at this, These cymbals are crap!! but this is new to get you to a "decent" kit with most stuff right out of the box.


    ANd now onto the basic cymbals: These are "entry" level pro-level cymbals, meaning we aren't even going to even bother with the crappiest entry level stuff and go slightly higher, but yet not so high as to rob the bank, we are just trying to "get by' here, We're talking a pro's "Practice" kit, something he might be okay with to warm up with back stage and be okay with it. But not much farther.

    Here is an entry level "decent" cymbal pack.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Sabian-XS20-Performance-Cymbal-Set-Pack-/161036845174?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item257e8b 4076http://

    The drums by themselves and cymbals by themselves are around $500 each, so if you want both for around  $500, you will be looking for used. Many sets on Craiglist will list better sets at better prices that will blow the other stuff away . I hope this helps! What kind of music do you want to play?? What do you like?? are you more worried how a set looks or how it sounds at all costs? THis will help others find you a set as well, Where will you practice?? Don't be in a hurry on your first kit!  

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      Music I'm playing is rock, some faster metal riffs but I don't need double bass. A 4 piece with 2 cymbals and a ride would be fine, I'd probably get lost if I started with more. Looks I don't care about if it sounds good. I have a practice space I rent out which is always at around 70. I'd prefer to stay under 500 for a whole set, also used works for me, probably preferable since I'd rather buy a used okay set than a horrible new set.


      • Phil_The_Rodent
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        Definitely, you want used.

        There is NO QUESTION. You want used.

        I would try and spend the lion's share on cymbals. With good tuning, you can get almost anything sounding decent enough. But you won't be hammering cymbals out any time soon.

        $500 for the whole deal is going to be a hard find though for reasonable quality. Keep your eyes peeled and the money in an envelope to jump at anything you see on Craig's List/Kijiji/Whatever.

        As a breakout, I'd expect (now, I buy good gear):

        Hats: min $70

        Ride: min $100

        Crash: min $80

        Snare: min $75

        3 pc kit: min $150


        Hats: min $45

        Booms: min $60 for the pair

        Snare stand/Kick pedal: min $25/$50

        Throne: min $35

        Summing that, my min would be $690. So maybe be prepared to look at that, but definitely keep your eyes peeled for better options.

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      Thank you for all of the replies. Except sirat... Very helpful hopefully with christmas and some OT i can bump my price range up a little and get some good hardware and symbols and cheap shells.


      • Merlin Coryell
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        Just remember when you buy used, never, ever by symbols, and youll be just fine.

        If you find specific things you are thinking of buying, you can always ask or post pics of the items here for feedback.  

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      Would these be okay? http://rochester.craigslist.org/msg/4221333287.html if so what should I offer, I don't think the 40 is their asking price although ill certainly try. Mexican flag not included.


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        Haha I didn't even notice I did that. Clearly all of this OT is getting to me...