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Is this a good deal for Mapex Pro M


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  • Is this a good deal for Mapex Pro M

    Hi everyone. I play a couple instruments and drums are going to be my next venture but as far as kits I don't know a whole lot. I found a 4 piece Mapex Pro m on Craigslist for 400 including hardware.

    Here's the link and posting:

    Everything is included. 3 Sabian Solar symbols, 2 Toms, Floor Tom, Base Drum, and Snare Drum

    Is this a good deal? He said price is negotiable so if you think it should be lower let me know what I should offer.

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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    In my opinion I would be comfortable paying between $300 and $350. The drums are good drums, but the cymbals are very low end. If the drum shells are in excellent shape with good bearing edges and I really wanted those drums I would probably pay the $400 if the seller wouldn't negotiate, but I would work hard at trying to get them for $300/$350 knowing that I'd have to replace the cymbals




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      Yeah sounds like a good deal.