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  • Uh-oh...

    I think I have a new band!

    Met up with a girl from Craigslist (ooh yeah!) over the weekend and had a hell of a time. She plays a sweet Harmony Stratotone guitar and has a great voice with an interesting approach. She's got a few songs written, and they're nuts. crazy time signatures all over the place, but still groovy and listenable. We just jammed with a coworker who plays bass tonight and she's great too! We've got a dude coming out on Friday who plays keys and viola. If things go well with him, we got a band! I'm pretty **** excited right now. I've had a really hard time without a band to play drums with these past few months. I'm glad I can get back into playing and challege myself even more.


    I need new heads!

    Don't Sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things

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    that's awesome, man.

    playing drums in a new band is like a new girlfriend. you can't wait to play with them both and you have to wipe the sweat off them when you're done.
    i miss you, mark
    r.i.p. rudy


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      tina look worried

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    Cool. Make music.

    Originally posted by Unconfigured Static HTML Widget...

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      Right on, man! Take your time and make sure it's a good fit.

      For what it's worth, and you know this, but don't feel compelled to compare it to past projects. Every band is different, and it's important to know that so you still feel the pride and ownership it deserves.

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    Awesome to hear Grem! Let me know when your first gig is and Ill make people think you are the most famous drummer on the West Coast!

    Lets go shopping, I need new heads too: 18 of them actually...  

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      Jesus' balls, Merlikins. I don't even want to think of that price tag! I'm probably just going to replace my two tom batters. Maybe snare.... and MAYBE but not likely kick.


      Things are going really well. Just met the keyboard player tonight. Cool guy that plays some kinda Nord. Music's coming along really well. I'm really excited to get a set together and play a show. I'm hoping we can get something on the books in a month.