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GG Quorem Roll Call! Any old farts left?


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  • GG Quorem Roll Call! Any old farts left?

    R ya dead, diseased, disgusted, disgruntled? How many of ya R still here, ya polcats! 2014 is already hammerin' my psyche so I thought I'd get a little more abuse here!

    New Years Eve turned out to be a dud...nobody wanted to cough up more than 400.00 for the entire band, so we decided "to hell with that" we'll stay home! 

    How'd you all do...anybody still breathin? Dendy still breathin? Just to catch you up, both Todd and I are both sick as dogs with the crud. Mikey is lovin livin in Erie under likr 1 1/2' of snow and -20

    The Southpaw is rising again!
    I finally made it into the Flaming Pedals of Doom. That was the longest and toughest audition I ever had to endure!
    Yep...Still the Director of the Geezer Guild for 2013...and counting


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    Still here.....although Im not sure why? Even the ones I thought were loyal drum forum legits dont stop by anymore. And why? I just dont get it.....hard to lure new members to participate when even the old fogies cant stop in a few times a week...........
    Jack of all trades....Master of none...


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      I'm lucky, I know why. I'm old and can't find my way home. Anyway CD and I were just discussting the rakst uprising, I thought It'd get your attention.

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    Still around, but with so many forums out there, its hard to keep activity up here. Bringing back subrooms for topics might go a long way in helping. I wouldnt want to see this style of forum too busy, things would get all mucky, really fast.

    When Im not here, Im on DrumChat and OfficialDrummer, as well as the equally dead George Kollias forums. When Im not on there Im trying to work. When Im not working Im in grad school. When Im not doing all of that, maybe, just maybe, Im on the drums.

    The new kit should be here in just a couple of weeks, so I will be newly stoked to post tons of pictures!

    -Merlin Coryell-
    City - Metal from Portland, OR
    Mapex Drums; Zildjian & Sabian cymbals
    Axis &; Gibraltar Hardware, Evans & Remo Heads
    Alesis DM10; ProMark sticks
    ESP Guitars, Line6 Stuffs &; Junk

    In Requiem - Marko46


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      ah, merlin, but i remember the days logging in to see over half the page littered with new posts and general mouth flailing.

      when i started here, my first comment was in reference to a very good, snide comment stark made to maneouver. i think everyone got sucked into a stark-play at least once. man, could he press buttons.

      but, good on ya, carmie! glad to know you're still alive. my old email addy sh*t the bed, so pm me for the new one...
      and make them old guys log in and say somethin!!
      (i know it looks different or whatever, but c'mon. whatever. jerks.)

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    I too, am on still, but alas, like the others, I don't come on here or post near as often for the same reasons. Plus for the past year, I have been working 12 hour "daytime" days so that's rough too. I miss the old times and all you guys. Don't dismantle it, we are still family, whether it's on some list or not! Hope you get feeling better! Has been cold in north Fla as well, near freezing a couple nights a week. I have practicing with my TD-4 kit about 2? times a week. Thank God for E-drums and headphones! Right now just feeling run down but it's my own fault from burning the candle at both ends. Get well soon and take care of yourself!!!!

    "As in drug rehab? or derhh, I crashes muh motorcycle rehab??" (Cross Eyed Mary) *** One of the founding members of The Geezer Guild***


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      I'm here too, just about daily, but between work, a second kid, and not many posts that I feel I have something to contribute to, I just look around and move on.