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    Ok guys, what do you think of this post along with reading the article in the link? I just don't know what to say about it. Steve Gadd looking for pledges! What is this world coming to?




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      I don't really know either. On one hand, it's a way for an artist to get the music out there and for fans to be more hands on. BUT, it's sounds like he already has the songs made and you can join the fan club to help and get backstage passes per se, but you don't really get a say, not really.

      THe more I think about it, the more "Schmaltzy" it is, like "Murph and the Magictones" cheeseball. I mean I knew a guy in college in the 90's that was the singer for a local band and for like a few grand, they recorded at this guys home studio and had like 500 CD pressings made. Here, the one guy already has a home studio, so no studio time to pay for really, These guys played headlining tours for over 20 years and they didn't get any proceeds from it??  Plus the video shows them all joking and laughing with Steve telling us that "This cat is the real deal" and everything but we don't get to hear even part of a song??


      Did you see on the right side where it was already like a merchandise store, $15 for a copy of the CD, $25 to get and autographed copy, $50 for an autographed pair of sticks, $500 dollars for an autographed Zildjian K custom cymbal and like so many of them left, at the bottom for $20K is jam session at YOUR home (provided you live in the LA area) and there's only one of them left.

      In the end, is a guy and other musicians that were and are the cream of the crop, highest paid studio session guys for years, that got album credits if not percentages of sales or from tours that should be able to retire well looking for a project to do for fun while getting someone else to pay for it. I LOVE Gadd but I've always heard him play behind someone else's music and fit in.

      Just like drums solos, listening a whole album full of drum jams that I have no chance of being able to really play along to, doesn't interest me. I mean, if it's all going to be like the instrument bridge in the last part of "Aja" then I'm already lost. I guess he really did do a lot dope in the 70's and 80's?