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  • Seeking feedback on new DJ Tech

    We would love to get your feedback on a new RGB lighting product we are developing that can be controlled by an IOS and Android device, it synchronizes with music and integrates with apps. It is called LightServer and also works with laptops and other DJ gear via audio input.

    Check out the demo video to see it in action.


    Please let us know what you think here -  

    We have many ideas on how the make LightServer even better, including many more music synchronization effects and all sorts of fun apps. But we really want to hear from you DJs and musicians, to find out what would be useful to you and what is important

    Glenn and the LightServer Team.


    Youtube link, incase Vimeo does not work -

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    By the way, Glenn asked for permission before posting this - he's seeking feedback, not trying to spam or sell anything.



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