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How do I run Virtual DJ's audio into Ableton?

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  • How do I run Virtual DJ's audio into Ableton?

    It doesn't show as a VST or anything. And, can I run the audio coming from Live through my deck and back into the computer to record it? I have a Pioneer USB deck.

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    Also, when I get my Machine Studio, can I run audio in or out of that or do I just use it as a VST?


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      Is there a more popular website that I should ask?


      • BlueGreene
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        You're talking about rewiring into/from ableton. Search around a little for that I'm sure you'll find some stuff. With other rewire programs, you launch live first, then launch your rewired application. In the input and output section on the channel strips in live, you'll find pull down menus to send and receive the audio how you wish. 



        Quick search pulled this up.. Have no idea how fruitful the thread is. Good luck. 

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      Thanks BlueGreene